L’Aventure Peugeot under the spotlights!



At the end of the 19th century, the Lumière Brothers introduced their invention, the "Kinetoscope of projection" and thus gave rise to cinema. At the same time was born the first Peugeot automobile (1889 - Type 3 in 1891). Two adventures that still last and two fates/destinies that sometimes have crossed on a film set before coming to life on the screen.

The Aventure Peugeot Museum invites you to discover the most iconic Peugeot models of the cinema: from the magnificent Landaulet Type 184 of the film "Midnight in Paris" (from Woody Allen) to the cars of the saga "Taxi" plus the vehicles seen in the film "Michel Vaillant".


To welcome the visitors, the Museum has set up a unique model straight from the imagination of director Michel Gondry and Design Peugeot, a fabulous transparent limousine, the PEUGEOT LimoVian, specially designed for Michel Gondry's film "L'Ecume des jours”, adaptation of the famous novel by Boris Vian.

An allusion will also be made throughout the permanent collections of the Museum, as many popular models of the Lion brand have appeared on the big screen (for instance 404 in "Les Tontons flingueurs" and "Les vacances du Petit Nicolas "or the 205 GTi in" Subway ") but also on the small screen. Indeed, no one has forgotten the famous 403 cabriolet of Lieutenant Columbo!

We will also be honoring a Peugeot 2-wheels model ... because it is on a Peugeot bike of 1911 that Jacques Tati crosses his film "Jour de Fête", shot 70 years ago in Sainte-Severe village.


Aventure Peugeot et cinéma